Magstim Inc.

Neurosign – N800

The Neurosign (Spinal)Motor Nerve Monitors are used for the monitoring of motor nerves and Motor Evoked Potentials during surgery.

The Neurosign range of intra-operative nerve monitors is dedicated to reducing the risk of nerve damage in surgical settings. Neurosign monitors are designed for use in a wide variety of surgical procedures, from mastoidectomies to the removal of skull-base and spinal tumours.


  • Simplicity – easy to use controls
  • Versatility – suitable for a wide range of surgical procedures
  • Protection – helps prevent neural damage and improves procedural comfort for surgeon and patient
  • Minimise surgical risk

Neurosign nerve monitors give surgeons added assurance whilst carrying out a variety of surgical procedures. As a cost-effective tool, Neurosign monitors provide the means to minimise the risk of injury to nerves during surgery. Neurosign monitors give additional peace of mind to surgeon and patient alike.