Disposable Stimulating Curved Needle

The Disposable Stimulating Curved Needles (previously the Kartush Stimulating Probe) are designed to cut, lift and dissect tissue during surgery while providing electrical stimulation simultaneously.

They are used in ear, parotid, neurotology/neurosurgery and thyroid surgery.  They can be used in any surgery that can benefit from continuous or frequent stimulation during critical portions of the procedure as the surgeon works in close proximity to a nerve.

They can improve patient outcomes with constant stimulation and can also save the surgeon valuable time by eliminating the need to change back and forth from a cutting tool to a stimulating tool.

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Lantern Laryngeal Electrode

Lantern Laryngeal Electrode
The Lantern Laryngeal Electrode has been designed to address the short-comings of existing laryngeal monitoring electrodes. This novel, patent-protected design will result in improved patient outcomes due to its ability to better localize and record from the recurrent laryngeal nerve innervated muscles (vocal cords).

The electrode has been registered for a NAPPI code and is available for purchase.  The old style laryngeal electrodes will be phased out over the next two months thus by 1st September only the new lantern laryngeal electrode will be available for purchase. Download the full brochure here

Here are a couple of interesting YouTube clips showing the electrode in action:

Laryngeal Lantern Electrode Attachment Overview
Lantern Laryngeal Electrode

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