ACRA-CUT Perforator

ACRA-CUT is the only company in the world specializing in the development and manufacture of automatic-releasing cranial perforators. Innovations include perforators for thin skull areas, for uneven bone, and for paediatric procedures. The perforators are available in a wide range of burr-hole sizes for every surgical application.

ACRA-CUT’s patented cammed-lug release mechanism, the safest and most reliable ever developed, eliminates the risk of dangerous penetration.

The unique benefits of the reusable perforators are:

  • Inner drill moves forward less than 1mm to automatically release.
  • Sharp edges cut quickly and smoothly so less hand pressure is required.
  • Will not stop drilling before the burr hole is completed. Can be stopped and started as the surgeon requires.
  • Non-skid tip prevents the perforator from sliding on the skull during start-up.
  • Inner drill forms a bone pad to protect the dura.
  • Rigorous testing makes ACRA-CUT perforators the safest in the world. Each reusable perforator drills 21 holes in pretesting.
  • Several models are offered in 14mm/11mm and 11mm/7mm sizes.
  • Easy and risk-free assembly. Perforator cannot be assembled incorrectly. Parts are serialized for easy identification.

ACRAGUN Scalp Clip System

ACRA-CUT has developed a clip gun system that fulfills the promise of fast, trouble-free application of scalp clips. Its unique design prevents accidental clip ejection or failures to feed. The result makes the opening procedure faster and easier.

The unique benefits of the ACRAGUN system are:

  • Fits comfortably in any size hand.
  • Applies clips quickly at any angle, even upside down, with complete control.
  • Has only four moving parts for maximum reliability.
  • Combines the economy of a reusable gun with the convenience of sterile, preloaded cartridges.
  • Cartridges snap and lock into the gun quickly and easily.
  • Integral cartridge lock eliminates uncontrolled clip ejection.
  • ACRACLIPs are available with serrated or straight jaws in a choice of three clamping forces.

Disposable Distraction Screws

ACRA-CUT manufactures disposable distraction screws with the same precision and exacting tolerances as its cranial perforators. This means that the surgeon can have complete confidence in their quality, safety and performance when using them with any vertebral body distractor for anterior cervical fusion.

The unique benefits of these distraction screws are:

  • Compatible with all ACF systems.
  • Each distraction screw is prepackaged, sterile, ready-to-use and in its own blister-pack.
  • 100% stronger than other distraction screws.
  • Unique sharp, self-tapping tip design for easier insertion.
  • Sold individually or in a convenient 10-pack.
  • Manufactured by ACRA-CUT, Inc.
  • Always in stock, never on back order.

Magstim Inc.

Neurosign – N800

The Neurosign (Spinal)Motor Nerve Monitors are used for the monitoring of motor nerves and Motor Evoked Potentials during surgery.

The Neurosign range of intra-operative nerve monitors is dedicated to reducing the risk of nerve damage in surgical settings. Neurosign monitors are designed for use in a wide variety of surgical procedures, from mastoidectomies to the removal of skull-base and spinal tumours.


  • Simplicity – easy to use controls
  • Versatility – suitable for a wide range of surgical procedures
  • Protection – helps prevent neural damage and improves procedural comfort for surgeon and patient
  • Minimise surgical risk

Neurosign nerve monitors give surgeons added assurance whilst carrying out a variety of surgical procedures. As a cost-effective tool, Neurosign monitors provide the means to minimise the risk of injury to nerves during surgery. Neurosign monitors give additional peace of mind to surgeon and patient alike.