About Us

Leatitia van Staden established Vision Medical in 2004. “I’ve recognized an opportunity in the field of neurosurgery and nerve monitoring,” says Leatitia.

Vision Medical represents several world market leaders with a portfolio of neurosurgical products, distributed and sold to a niche market in South Africa. We supply to the Neuro, Spinal Orthopaedic,  ENT and General surgery markets.

Our philosophy centers around fostering strong relationships with our customer base thereby generating on-going growth. Vision Medical supports the advancement of neurosurgery in South Africa, ensuring Neurosurgeons are on the forefront of modern day technology.

Vision Medical imports and distributes exclusive disposable and capital neurosurgical products on a national basis.

We represent the following international suppliers:

Acracut Inc.

  • Cranial Perforators – disposable and reusable

  • Disposable scalp clips

  • Reusable AcraGun and clip remover

  • Disposable distraction screws

American Surgical Company

  • Premium Americot patties

  • Ray-Cot patties

  • Delicot patties

  • Surgical strung cotton balls

Magstim Inc.

  • Neurosign N800 – monitoring motor nerves during surgery